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Sporcizia Accademica — Free Release

Sporcizia Accademica squib-box presents Fre­uPinta’s new album Spor­cizia Acca­d­e­m­ica.

This col­lec­tion of short exper­i­men­tal pieces deal with real-time plun­der­phon­ics, musica derivata, robo-improv, vir­tual tran­scrip­tion and alter-electro quotes.

More infor­ma­tion about this release here.

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Squib-box presents... BASIC
Squib-box presents… BASIC

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On Violence

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'Beat' Me (cut and perm' no.1)
Beat’ Me (cut and perm’ no.1)

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Orwell Fragments - Free Release
Orwell Fragments — Free Release

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