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squib-box launch event

On the evenings of January the 21st and 22nd, squib-box hosted an official launch weekend at the Old Deptford Police Station, London.

This mini-festival featured a mix of performances, interventions, improvisations, films, bar brawls and party games reflecting squib-box’s ethos that avant-garde performance is not tied to specific genres, disciplines or movements but to an uncompromising attitude towards rethinking established notions about art and music.

Each night featured a host of bands, leading musicians and performing artists, as well as an extra family friendly event held on the Saturday afternoon.





Perro-chimp with Mary-Ann Huslak

Improv duo Perro-chimp (Federico Reuben – electronics, Javier Carmona – Drums) were joined by writer/performer Mary-Ann Hushlak in an accomapanied monologue about her experiences of working in a mental asylum and her subsequent encounters with patients.


ARCO presented live realizations of two works from a forthcoming squib-box DVD; Batsu. Body Hammer and Fly saw Adam de la Cour undergo a series of transformations/trials/punishments aided by Kurogo, Manspider and backing ensemble.

In Preparation

Dancer/ dance scientist Emma Redding presented a realization of a work in progress In Preparation. the project, led by Athina Vahlar in collaboration with Emma, Susan Sentler, Mary-ann Hushlak, Sarah Chin and squib-box explores the notion of physical limitations and extremes in contemporary dance practice. This version was performed with Richard Thomas on Cello.

Libra Duo

Mark Knoop and Carl Rosman performed extracts from Adam de la Cour’s L’exorcisme du Momo, as well as Brian Ferneyhough’s Time and Motion Study I for solo bass clarinet.


A live improvised soundtrack to the cult Benjamin Christensen film.


The infamous metal band performed a 30 minute live set.



Family Event

squib-box presented a 3 hour family friendly event in the police station café. This event featured live interactive sound diffusion, a squib-instrument making workshop, and Benny the Clown’s portrait corner. A selection of cakes and savory food was provided by Eszter Takacs and Satoko Doi.





Throughout the evening ARCO performed a series of musical interrogations written by Matthew Lee Knowles

Perro-chimp with John Edwards

Improv duo Perro-chimp (Federico Reuben – electronics, Javier Carmona – Drums) were joined by legendary bassist John Edwards.

Sam Belinfante

A new piece for Soprano, Trombone, Bungee cord and Helium Balloons by Sam Belinfante was realized in the interview room and performed by Lore Lixenberg and Lawrence Tatnall.

Sticker Piece

Claudia Molitor’s sticker composition was performed by Adam de la Cour and Javier Carmona in the Police station cells.


Mowgli (Adam de la Cour, Federico Reuben, Neil Luck, Javier Carmona, John Edwards) performed an improvised set loosely re-enacting the perpetration, trial and punishment of a unnamed crime.

Rebecca Birch

The visual artist Rebecca Birch installed a video piece, from her series of films based on covers of Johnny Cash songs in one of the police cells.

Mark Knoop/Fiona Bevan

An intercut set shared between two very different performers. Mark Knoop performed pieces by Laurence Crane, Michael Finnissy and Neil Luck from the squib-box release Accordion Favourites. Fiona Bevan played a collection of songs from her new EP Us and the Darkness.

Jo Thomas

Composer and performer Jo Thomas showcased new work for live electronics.

David Migden & The Dirty Words

The Kent based swamp blues outfit performed material from the recent squib-box realease Second Hand Tattoo.


Ed McKeon wrote a piece about squib-box for the event programme which can be read here.

squib-box would like to thank all of the incredible performers who took part in the event, as well as everybody who volunteered on the door, behind the bar, backstage and elsewhere


Sam Belinfante
Fiona Bevan
Benny the Clown
Rebecca Birch
Javier Carmona
Adam de la Cour
John Edwards
Mary-ann Hushlak
Mark Knoop
Lore Lixenberg
Neil Luck
Bruce McLean
Dave Migden and the Dirty Words
Emma Redding
Federico Reuben
Carl Rosman
Susan Sentler
Lawrence Tatnall
Jo Thomas
Richard Thomas
Athina Vahlar
Ruta Vitkauskaite
Alan Witts

Special thanks to Eszter Takacs, Ed McKeon, Satoko Doi-Luck, France Amann, Alan Witts, Ophir, Steve and Kalina on the door and bar, the Reuben family, Lucy Sames, and to everyone who has supported squib-box so far.

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2 December, 7:30pm The Old Dentist, 33 Chatsworth Road, London E5 0LH £7, Buy Tickets

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