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Benny the Clown

Benny is a traditionally made up whiteface (grotesque) clown, with oversize shoes, gaudily coloured baggy trousers and an enormous red fright-wig. He studied at the Alan Witts School of Clowning and is often seen performing with his performance coach Percy the Ringmaster. His age and birthplace are unknown, although he is often heard talking in a broad Brooklyn accent.

Clocking up a grand total of 999 children’s parties since 2005, Benny took early retirement, only to be quickly lured into the world of ‘performance art’ with the promise of fame, fortune, gin and chewing tobacco. Since then he has performed at venues such as the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Brighton train station and the Louise Blouin Foundation and at festivals such as Spitalfields and Borealis in Norway. He occasionally fronts the Metal band Zipperface.

In a recent PRS proposal, Benny states he is a professional clown and taxidermist, with experience in all fields of child entertainment and that he is currently studying rocketry and scrying to G.C.S.E level.

“All offers of work are welcome and accepted” BTC


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