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Federico Reuben

Federico Reuben is a composer, sound artist and laptop improviser based in York, United Kingdom. His work challenges the conventional relationships between composer, performer and audience through imagined performance practices, collaborations and modes of sonic representation and production. He plunders, combines and alters cultural objects (recordings, live performances, scores, etc.) through digital technology to produce amorphous and absurd sound worlds. He is interested in how through sound, affect can be transferred, modulated and distorted.

Federico’s work has been presented, performed and broadcast worldwide and featured at leading music and art festivals. He has written instrumental, vocal and mixed media compositions for ensembles and soloists including Ensemble MAE, Ensemble Klang, Sarah Nicolls, RIAM Percussion Ensemble, Roentgen Connection and Piano Circus. As a sound artist he has experience with sound and robotic installations, fixed electroacoustic and mixed media compositions, live-electronics and cross-arts collaborations. He is also active as a laptop improviser and has played with improvisers such as John Edwards, Steve Noble, Mark Sanders, LIO, Aleks Kolkowski, Ingrid Laubrock, Alexander Hawkins, Dominic Lash, Javier Carmona and Rachel Musson.

Federico holds a PhD from Brunel University, London, where he studied with Richard Barrett and Christopher Fox. He also studied composition with Louis Andriessen, Richard Ayres, Gilius van Bergeijk and Martijn Padding at The Royal Conservatoire, The Netherlands.

Federico is a founding member of squib-box, alongside Adam de la Cour and Neil Luck.


A.I.LOVEs2scream (squib-mongrel)
Live @ Kafri Studios (squib-live)
Live @ Resonance FM (squib-live)
Orwell Fragments (squib-live)
Live @ Modern Art Oxford (squib-live)
Live @ Javier’s Flat (squib-live)
Live @ ICA (squib-live)
Sporcizia Accademica (squib-treats)


Simian Frigate


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