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Matthew Lee Knowles

Matthew Lee Knowles is a com­poser, poet, pianist and teacher liv­ing in Lon­don, with a pro­lific cat­a­logue of com­po­si­tions (tra­di­tion­ally and graph­i­cally notated), poems, the­atre scores, hap­pen­ings, events, paint­ings and per­for­mances to his name.

KLK was set up by Matthew, with Neil Luck and Josh Kaye to per­form spo­ken­word­mu­sic. A first album has now being recorded and released on squib-box.

Six_Events (2008), Sixty_Six_Events (2010) and 666_Events (2012) are per­for­mance projects on a mas­sive, global scale, which Matthew will con­tinue with every two years, with 6666_events happening in 2014.

Matthew is writing his first opera (A Catatonic Romance) and recently completed his second opera libretto, the first being ‘Shadow Prophets’, a libretto for squib-box.


ARCO! Greatest Hits (squib-live)
Ground Techniques (squib-treats)




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