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Vicious Circus

Photo: Dimitri Djuric

The Vicious Circus is the meeting of two improvising minds who regularly perform together in East London.

MIND 1, also known as Elo Masing, deliberately upsets the world through brutally manipulating her violin, cello and electric guitar (and other assorted objects) into becoming deviant serfs to her fearful vision: the total and utter end of all things conventional. And a desperate need to be an icon of an alternative depravity.

MIND 2, known as Dave Maric to some, accompanies and indulges through the use of a small keyboard and other devices (including a faux analog synthesizer). A servant to capitalist digital products, he hypocritically alludes to the cutting edge and masquerades as a wizard of electronic spontaneity, when in truth he is simply, Dave the Slave.

Together these aberrant minds forge an unforgettable alchemy which, perhaps by mistake, creates an as yet unheard of guilty sonic pleasure that will violently confuse your delicate sensibilities completely by surprise.
They have also collaborated with other improvisers, song writers, visual artists, puppeteers and poets.


Troglodytes Troglodytes (squib-treats)


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