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Album: Orwell Fragments

Artist: Lash/Laubrock/Reuben

Release Date: 29 June 2011

Track List­ing:

1. Frag­ment No.1
2. Frag­ment No.2
3. Frag­ment No.3
4. Frag­ment No.4
5. Frag­ment No.5

Per­formed by Dominic Lash — Dou­ble Bass, Ingrid Laubrock — Sax­o­phone and Fed­erico Reuben — Live Elec­tron­ics.
Recorded Live at Cafe Orwell, Brook­lyn, NY, 14.06.2011.
Recorded with a Zoom recorder.
Cover Design by Eszter Takacs.


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