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Album: Accordion Favourites

Artist: Mark Knoop

Release Date: 1 February 2011

We’re sure you’ve never heard anything quite like this, Mark Knoop plays new pieces for accordion by Finnissy, Crane, Newman, Molitor, de la Cour, and Luck. For the true ‘new music’ connoisseur!

Track Listing:

1. Walrus (Michael Finnissy)
2. Liebestod (Neil Luck)
3. Even So…(Claudia Molitor)
4. Favourite Chord (Laurence Crane)
5. Neun und Neunzig – Complete Method (Adam de la Cour)
6. Air Fool Agony Face (Chris Newman)

Engineered by Joe Turner and Alan Witts at The Old Granary Studio, Kent
Mixed and Mastered by Alan Witts
Produced by Alan Witts, Mark Knoop and Adam de la Cour
Music by: Michael Finnissy, Neil Luck, Claudia Molitor, Laurence Crane, Adam de la Cour, Chris Newman (Copyright)

Cover design by Eszter Takacs, Sam Nesbitt and Adam de la Cour
Photo by Eszter Takacs

A squib-box production