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Album: Experiments in ‘Playing with Oneself’

Artist: Adam de la Cour

Release Date: 1 October 2009

Track Listing:

1. Electric Bop 1 with snare drum accompaniment
2. Acoustic Blues 1 with Jazz interlude
3. Acoustic Blues 2
4. Scuttled
5. Acoustic Bop 1
6. Jazz ballad with country blues lick and Tourette’s accompaniment
7. Acoustic Bop 2
8. “…the Adam of your labours”
9. Acoustic Bop 3 with electric slide accompaniment
10. Dyspepsia
11. Electric Bop 2 with scat accompaniment
12. The Obsessive-compulsive’s guide to the Acoustic guitar
13. Tumour with two lunch breaks, solo interlude and End Credits
14. Logorrhoea

All tracks are Improvisations recorded over three days (9th-11th of August 2009) in two different living rooms in Kent.

Adam de la Cour – Guitars, Vocals
Engineered by Joe Turner and Adam de la Cour
Produced by Alan Witts and Adam de la Cour
Mastered by Alan Witts
Album Artwork and Design by Sam Nesbitt and Adam de la Cour

Distribution Partner – Squib-box