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Album: Ground Techniques

Artist: Neil Luck

Release Date: 25 September 2010

Ground Techniques attempts to map the artist’s body using a variety of performance and compositional techniques.

“It’s a masterpiece”
Max Reinhardt, Late Junction, BBC Radio 3

Performers from ARCO collective and beyond:

Neil Luck – Body sounds
Adam de la Cour – Guitar
Ben McDaid Wren – Drums
Fiona Bevan – Vocals/Guitar
Greta Pistaceci – Theremin
Lawrence Tatnall – Trombone
Matthew Lee Knowles – Piano
Richard Thomas – Cello/Office furniture

and from the Oxford Improvisors:

Bob Nichol – Tenor Sax
Chris Brown – Guitar
Chris Hills – Percussion
David Stent – Guitar
Dominic Lash – Double bass
Jill Eliot – Viola
Julian Faultless – Horn
Martin Hackett – Melodicas
Trisha Elphinstone – Soprano Sax

Engineered by Oli Whitworth and Richard Thomas
Edited and Mixed by Neil Luck

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