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Album: Songs from Brightly​-​Lit Rooms

Artist: Tom Jackson & Benedict Taylor

Release Date: 1 September 2017

Songs from Brightly-Lit Rooms is the followup release to the critically lauded Songs from Badly-Lit Rooms (2014). Jackson and Taylor’s remarkable and longstanding duo partnership has always been one dedicated to exploring the intensely idiosyncratic outer reaches of freely improvised music. This new release perfectly encapsulates their unique aesthetic in five performances that are at once wild and off-the-rails, yet as lean and honed as the most crystalline chamber music.

Tom and Bened are regular collaborators on many live squib-box projects, but it’s perhaps in this most uncompromising of contexts that they’re at their most honest, challenging and new.


Tom Jackson – Clarinet
Benedict Taylor – Viola

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Benedict Taylor

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