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Album: Songs from Badly​-​Lit Rooms

Artist: Tom Jackson and Benedict Taylor

Release Date: 3 January 2013

squib-box are proud to present Songs from Badly-Lit Rooms. This collection of improvisations, recorded over 2011 and 2012, are the result of a longstanding musical partnership between Jackson and Taylor.

Part wild and unbridled, part delicate and poised, these remarkable performances capture a particularly intuitive and intimate dialogue between two active members of the free improv scene.

Something distinctly unique in the inherently prolific world of improvised music, Songs from Badly-Lit Rooms rewards repeated listening.

21st century Chamber Music at its finest.

Track List­ing:

Track 1: Dank cellar below Tuskar Street
Track 2: A drama studio of Goldsmiths College
Track 3: One of the dead rooms at Somerset House
Track 4: A quiet New Cross squat
Track 5: Friendly Street’s musty attic
Track 6: As the Thames rocks the Boat
Track 7: A shack on the edge of Roath Park lake
Track 8: Yari Road digs

Tom Jackson: Clarinet
Benedict Taylor: Viola

Recording: Benedict Taylor & Tom Jackson
Additional Mixing Engineer: Matt Davison
Design: Eszter Takacs
Cover image: Benjamin Gerritsz Cuyp, Bauern im Wirtshaus (c.1640). Source: The Yorck Project


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