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Album: Spoken Word Music

Artist: KLK

Release Date: 15 February 2012

Activated by, and making up one third of the group composer/poet Matthew Lee Knowles summoned for friends/composers Neil Luck and Josh Kaye to fill in the remaining thirds at the beginning of 2009, with an intention of performing spoken word material that is indistinguishable from, and containing all the nuances of music – simultaneously familiar and alien. Thousands of words excreted in patterns and games with particular focus on hurried recitation, where the eye, mind, mouth go their separate ways.

Track Listing:

1. An Ode to a Manifesto for Sound
2. A History of the Offensive Eye
3. Groupies
4. For Richard Dawkins
5. This is Fluxus
6. 16 Big Bangs for Marcus Chown
7. For JK and TS
8. The Story of a Magnificent Banquet
9. Foreman’s Harmony
10. Numbers Lecture
11. Sentimental Monologue

Performed by KLK:
Matthew Lee Knowles – voice
Neil Luck – voice
Josh Kaye – voice

Recorded by Oliver Whitworth
Mixed and edited by Richard Thomas
Produced by Richard Thomas and KLK
Cover art by Matthew Lee Knowles

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