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Album: Sporcizia Accademica

Artist: FreuPinta

Release Date: 1 January 2011

FreuPinta’s new album Sporcizia Accademica is a collection of short experimental pieces dealing with real-time plunderphonics, musica derivata, robo-improv, virtual transcription and alter-electro quotes.

Track Listing:

1. Simulation No.1 – Overture from Solomon oratorio by Handel.
2. Simulation No.2 – Pyramid Song by Radiohead.
3. Simulation No.3 – Praeludium in G Minor by Buxtehude.
4. Simulation No.4 – Prelude to the third act of Parsifal by Wagner.
5. Occupation No.1 – Costa Rican national anthem.
6. Occupation No.2 – Lecture by Slavoj Žižek.
7. Occupation No.3 – Credo from Missa Papae Marcelli by Giovanni Palestrina.
8. Transgression No.1 – First movement of Sonata in C KV 545 by Mozart.
9. Transgression No.2 – Suite, Op.14, Sz62 by Bartók.
10. Canzione Piramide – with Nick Peters (silent trumpet).
11. Pianpeta – Nick Peters (silent trumpet).
12. Chorus – Chorus from Israel in Egypt oratorio by Handel.
13. Walking Head – Music derived from Stelarc’s Walking Head Robot.
14. Double Chorus – Double Chorus from Israel in Egypt oratorio by Handel.
15. Danzonne – Music derived from a text by Matthew Lee Knowles.
16. Robojazz – Adam de la Cour (electric guitar).
17. Sporcizia Vocale – Adam de la Cour (processed voice/electric guitar).
18. Artaud Dei – Recordings of Antonin Artaud’s voice.

Performed by FreuPinta and various others.
Mixed and Produced by FreuPinta.
Cover Design by Eszter Takacs.

Special thanks to the algorithms and plundered artists.


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