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Album: Last Wane Days

Artist: Neil Luck, Fiona Bevan, ARCO

Release Date:12 March 2012

Last Wane Days is the lat­est man­i­fes­ta­tion of Neil Luck’s Note­book project, set­ting the texts of the avant-garde Amer­i­can play­wright and direc­tor, Richard Fore­man.
This two-act mon­odrama for voice, strings, piano, and gui­tar has been com­posed in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the acclaimed singer-songwriter Fiona Bevan, and is per­formed by the avant-garde string ensem­ble ARCO. Cast half in the form of a dis­lo­cated lan­guage tape, half as a sub­verted pop album, Last Wane Days is a pile-up of lush orches­tra­tions, radio jin­gles, noise, sump­tu­ous vocals, MIDI sounds, dream sequences, and deformed rock gui­tar solos. A head-on col­li­sion of the sub­lime and the ridiculous.

Track List­ing:

Act 1: That swoon fever­ous seven of the throne
Act 2: The last smoke was Romanesque, before your hopes were flung

Fiona Bevan: Voice
Ruta Vitkauskaite: Vio­lin
Bene­dict Tay­lor: Viola
Richard Thomas: Cello
Sam Rice: Dou­ble Bass
Adam de la Cour: Gui­tar
Satoko Doi: Piano
Neil Luck: Per­cus­sion, voice

Com­posed and arranged by Neil Luck. Swoon on the Throne of Moans, and The Last Days of Deca­dence com­posed by Fiona Bevan. Most of the texts used in the record­ing are rearranged frag­ments from the note­books of Richard Fore­man­The Last Days of Deca­dence lyrics by Fiona Bevan. Swoon on the Throne of Moans lyrics by Richard Fore­man, Fiona Bevan, and Gérard de Ner­val
Recorded by Oli Whit­worth and Richard Thomas
Mixed and edited by Oli Whit­worth Pro­duced by Oli Whit­worth, Neil Luck, Fiona Bevan­Cover art­work by Ayşegül Wilde

The sup­port of the THE BLISS TRUST and the PRSF are grate­fully acknowledged.

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A highly baroque odd­ity of out­sider classical-pop… Ini­tial hear­ing caused my beret to fly off my head in sur­prise, while my nog­gin teemed with sound­bites like “Kate Bush meets Luciano Berio dur­ing a per­for­mance of The Liv­ing The­atre” (The Sound Projector)

Pavlov­ian jin­gles, schmaltz and avant-garde noise. This should be a recipe for post­mod­ern cliché, but intel­li­gent com­pos­ing and focused per­for­mances from Bevan (voice) and the ARCO string ensem­ble pull it out of the bag. Bevan in par­tic­u­lar can turn her voice on a dime. As co-composers, Luck and Bevan use sound and recur­ring motifs clev­erly, so that the ram­pant dis­lo­ca­tions achieve an unex­pected coher­ence and con­ti­nu­ity. Seri­ous artistry. (The Ram­bler)