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Taking In The Trash

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squib-box’s Adam de la Cour talks B-movies, Troma, stupidity and his latest short movie Mr Topps…


Via Gut @ LCMF

lcmf11 December, 7.00 pm
LCMF – London Contemporary Music Festival
Ambika P3, Lon­don, UK

Neil Luck’s LCMF commission Via Gut is monologue-cum-variety-act about the future. Performed by the hard-core of squib-box and ARCO (Neil Luck, Adam de la Cour, Federico Reuben, Tom Jackson, Benedict Taylor) the piece expounds upon a physical, metaphysical, and pataphysical reading of human flatulence, and what this can teach us about the nature of humanity, communication, and art.


Squib-box presents… BASIC


squib-box, in partnership with Hackney Classical present a series of concerts interrogating the fundaments of human existence.

COMEDY //// 21st April//// 730PM

FOOD //// 24th February //// 730PM

SEX /// 24th March

COMEDY /// 21st April

POLITICS /// 19th May

THE AFTERLIFE /// 23rd June

DEATH /// 21st July


New squib-box release: Burn Before Lis­ten­ing

10877661_10152998687782704_894736349_nsquib-box are proud to present Burn Before Listening, our first archival release.

The Two Bennys were perhaps one of 1940s America’s most unsurprisingly unsuccessful light entertainment acts. Technically inept and deeply offensive, their repeatedly failed attempts at both live and recorded performance are now viewed by most as a fair indication of their low credibility and historical worth.

squib-box podcast no.10

herakles podcast imageARCO present a special live preview performance broadcast of Neil Luck’s Herakles! It explores the myth of Hercules, retold through wild allegorical misinterpretations, mistranslations and miscreancy. Written and directed by Neil Luck, Herakles! is music theatre gone awry; a cultural black-hole drawing-in and distending ancient and modern embodiments of the Greek demi-god. A tasteful fusion of Apollodorus, Schwarzenegger, Terayama, Hendrix, Disney, Arcane British Folk Rituals and Aragoto-style Kabuki plays. Performed by ARCO. Herakles! features as part of Tête à Tête Opera Festival, King’s Place, on Saturday 9 August at 8pm and Sunday 10 August at 4pm; and at Milton Keynes Art Gallery on 11 October at 7.30pm.



14New Music theatre by Neil Luck & ARCO

Offspring of an immortal father and a mortal mother, Hercules is an oddity – in possession of unnatural gifts, but bound by the same wheezing, aching, bleeding, flatulent body as the rest of us. This ‘divine-fart’ is the singularity of a musical black-hole in Herakles!, drawing in, distending, and ultimately obliterating a freely syncretic car-crash of references to classical and less classical demigods. Via various scraps of cultural flotsam and jetsam the myth finds its ultimate allegory in the traditional British Mummers play, a bawdy and incredulous tale of miraculous resurrection.

Following it’s critically unclaimed premiere in 2013, Herakles! is being resurrected for a series of UK live dates this Summer/Autumn.


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2 December, 7:30pm The Old Dentist, 33 Chatsworth Road, London E5 0LH £7, Buy Tickets

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New squib-box releases: two improv-duos
New squib-box releases: two improv-duos

squib-box are proud to release two albums, by two exciting free improv duos:       &n

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[sweet-ERROR:miku] Body & Soul

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[sweet-ERROR:miku] Body & Soul
[sweet-ERROR:miku] Body & Soul

Watch a clip from our new show: [sweet-ERROR:miku]  

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