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Shadow Prophets

‘…In a galaxy far, far away eastern dictators, western playboys and middle-class composers conflate in an alarming ejaculation of current affairs, hardcore modernism, slapstick, free jazz, and bad stand-up comedy. Expect anything…’

One-hour long quasi-opera, an absurdist take on current affairs, politics, high art and 80s sci-fi movies. Originally commissioned by Miniere Sonore festival, Sardinia, the piece is scored for a mixed ensemble of a total of 9 performers. Vocal parts and live electronics are performed y squib-box.

Performance History:

02.08.11 Miniere Sonore festival, Sardinia (premiere)
03.09 11 Resonance FM (full live concert performance)
22.06.11 LSO St. Lukes, London (opera highlights)

The Prophet (voice and guitar) – Adam de la Cour
The Hero (voice, objects, conduction) – Neil Luck
The Hand of God (live electronics) – Federico Reuben

Tenor Saxophone or Bass Clarinet
Male of Female voice (chorus)



Fragments of Shadow Prophets in concert version: